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Micro-video of Popular Science Equal Distributive Buildings Made by IDP Posted by the Official Wechat Account of Ministry of Emergency Management

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The micro-video of popular science Equal Distributive Buildings was posted by official account of WeChat of Ministry of Emergency Management on 20th April, 2020. The video was the achievement of IDP Popular science project of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in 2019 (Grant No. KP19010202 ). The video maker is Liu Congwei, a teacher from Publicity Department of IDP. The outcome of the research conducted by Professor Guo Xun’s team on the site of Beichuan earthquake was showed in the video.

The video shows the "reinforcement method of wing wall at the bottom of the building" and intuitively presents the technology of anti-seismic reinforcement for self-built houses with ground floor stores in the cities of southern China. The pattern of Principles Plus Video was used to interpret and popularize the professional knowledge, helping people better understand the seismic strengthening technology of buildings.

It is a recognition of IDPs efforts on popular science concerning earthquake prevention and disaster reduction by Ministry of Emergency Management.