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IDP Funded by Joint Fund of Earthquake Science, a Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China

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The project of “Risk assessment and disaster mechanism of loess landslide” (Grant No. U1939209) has won a fund of 2.52 million yuan from the joint fund of Earthquake Science, a key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China. It will be conducted by IDP, Lanzhou Institute of seismology, and Nanjing Tech University. The IDP team was led by Professor Bo Jingshan.

The project will be jointly funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and China Earthquake Administration (CEA). It aims to give full play to the guiding role of NSFC, attract and gather outstanding talents in relevant research fields in China, strengthen basic and cutting-edge technology research oriented to the major needs of national earthquake safety, and promote the sustainable development and independent innovation of China's earthquake science.

In recent years, IDP has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation. The number of applications and projects approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China has made breakthroughs in successive years. The approval is an affirmation of the scientific research level and management level of IDP. It plays a very important role in promoting the discipline development of IDP, cultivating innovative scientific research teams, forming characteristic research directions, and improving research and innovation.